Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Long time, no blog

It has been awhile once again! I just do not feel much like blogging when I get home from work or even on the weekends. So, my posts will probably be few and far between. Oh well!

Well, I thought I would recap my wonderful and restful spring break. Last week was spring break for most in the Houston-area and boy was it much needed! Rather than writing a long post about everything I did, I will list.

Over spring break, I...

got cavities filled (yuck!)

got my hair cut

had Ritter's with friends for the 1st time this year

got a mani and pedi

spent a day with my husband looking at cars and then just deciding to get his fixed

at my first snowcone of the year

randomly saw my good college friend/roommate, Hannah (in Waco of all places)

slept in late

ate a Might Fine burger AND a Round Rock donut (both in Round Rock)- OH MY GOODNESS!!

bought an early birthday gift for myself, another Coach purse
hung out with my mom, dad, and best friend in WaCo

All in all, I enjoyed my break and now I am counting down the days for my next break, SUMMER!!

Until we meet again,


annalee said...

oooh, nothing beats spring break for a teacher! well except maybe summer break:) and it is just around the corner!

Lindsee said...

How funny that you ran into Hannah! And I'm going to need to see this new purse asap. We need a date pronto! Love you, lady! Summer is so, so close!

Amanda_Mathews said...

so i was totally just gazing at your blog header and thought it looked just like it was you and daniel and cohen and suzi were your kids....nice post though! :)